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  • Новейшая разработка для производства СФБ : мобильная станция на базе перистальтического растворонасоса.

    Удобство в работе с формами больших габаритных размеров.

  • Новинка: миксер для производства СФБ-смесей серии РМ

    Предлагаем высокоэффективный растворосмеситель с частотным регулятором


    Приглашаем пройти обучение на нашей производственной базе в г. Владимире.

    Технология, оборудование, сырье!

  • About company

    From 1990 LLC «NST» has been developing and manufacturing of GFRC equipment. For many years of the history of the company there were built a powerful science and technology background, which allow to  offer the modern complete point solutions in regard to GFRC production.

    The company conception is based on close cooperation with a customer, personalized services, a premium service and a contract support. An essential element of our highlights are research, development and engineering, which allow to develop solutions, which fit a customer maximally and are based on advanced technologies.

    For many years of the history of the company there were matched a tightly-welded team of the qualified professionals with a great background in production and sale of GFRC equipment. A periodic personnel certification is one of the factors, which promote a dynamic professional development and perfecting staff' competence of all levels.

    One of the main points of «NST» activity is non-compromised quality of the produced equipment. We realize customer needs, immediately respond to the requests and make the allowances if it's necessary. Any client for us is an individual and we respect any opinion.

    For 25 years of the dynamic development were formed the following main principles of our work:


    • the practice of modern technologies, the measuring equipment and monitoring techniques, which provide achieving the required quality and the equipment safety;
    • the production consistency control and the process to all demands of the standart, technological and other documentation under due consideration of consumers' interests;

    • steady monitoring and process analysis on all production levels for the purpose of upgrading finished products.

    We order parts only from the certified companies, which have met with the international reputation and the approval.

    We on time deliver purchased equipment for GFRC anywhere in the world (India, Asia, Europe) with the lowest financial and span time. Delivery is carried out by a transport company, which have chosen by a client or can be offered an alternative choice.  Our specialists prepare all the required legal, finantional and customs documents, including every assistance on the equipment shipment outside of Russian Federation.

     E-mail for order: gfrc@glassfibreconcrete.ru


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