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  • Улучшенная модификация распылителя серии РПН

    Концентрический пистолет РПН-6 для пневмонабрызга  СФБ с новыми наружными соплами.

    Моментальное изменение ширины факела для удобства работы с различными по габаритам и рельефу изделиями!


  • GFRC Mixer NST SFB-UM55

    Special high-speed mixer for the production of GFRC and Fiberglass gypsum:

    • Fast, convenient and easy preparation of cementitious slurry for Spray production technique.
    • Multi-station simultaneous and non-stop support.
    • Preparation of cementitious slurry for Premix production technique.
    • Preparation of a plaster with additives to simulate sandstone, travertine, shell stone and other types of natural stones.

    Voltage supply - 380V.
    Power capacity - 5.5 kW
    The standard reservoir volume is 80 liters. Loading mixture volume is 70 liters (cement - 50 kg, sand - 50 kg).
    Mixing time at full load is no more than three minutes.

    GFRC Mixer
    NST SFB-UM55 High-speed Mixer
    • Operational safety. Plaster Mixer is activated only in the lower position, when the blades are in the reservoir which is closed with a lid.
    • Plaster Mixer blades are made of wear-resistant steel.
    • All moving parts of Plaster Mixer are effectively protected from sand, cement and plaster.
    • The reservoir is equipped with a hand-operated roller platform for easy handling. Roller platform is used when there is no Tilting device (see below).
    • GFRC plaster consists of only two components: cement and sand (grain size 1.2 mm). Stir thoroughly the components to get thixotrop slurry. Plaster should be homogeneous in terms of composition and volume.

      All GFRC finishing products are thin-walled, with no thickness margins. Avoid poorly mixed plaster in any part of the station.

      The cost of a mistake in GFRC mixing is fatal, it cannot be corrected later. The use of NST mixer ensures the quality of the plaster and therefore the quality of GFRC products.

      Plaster Mixer speed range - from 200 to 2000 rpm. It allows to blend a mixture of two types:

    • for Spray production technique. Aggressive rapid mixing at high speed is required.
    • for Premix production technique. Neat soft mixing at low speed is required to maintain fiber integrity.
    NST SFB-UM55 Mixer Demonstration


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