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  • Новейшая разработка для производства СФБ : мобильная станция на базе перистальтического растворонасоса.

    Удобство в работе с формами больших габаритных размеров.

  • Новинка: миксер для производства СФБ-смесей серии РМ

    Предлагаем высокоэффективный растворосмеситель с частотным регулятором


    Приглашаем пройти обучение на нашей производственной базе в г. Владимире.

    Технология, оборудование, сырье!

  • Spraying gun for GFRC

    GFRC' spraying gun (model RPN) is the main element of GFRC equipment.

    It is consists of: URN (a point of cut roving) and URS (a point of opening and mixing). The operation concept of RPN is the following: the glass roving is resupplyed to joining the pipe of cut roving and handle to cutoff knife. The drum rotation with the blades are carried out by the pneumatic drive (1-st take-over point of compressed air). Solidarily there is an air supply through a separate channel to a hermetically closed chamber URR (2-st take-over point of compressed air) and form a flame body from a chopped glass fiber.

    Gun spray GFRC Gun GFRC
    The spraying gun for GFRC application of the model RPN4

    The fiber is collected in a container after URR in case of using premix. In case of using sprayed plaster base, the fiber handles to URS after URR, where on the nozzle atomizer exit it is mixed with the mix, coming from the grout pump and the air (3-st take-over point of compressed air). As a result there is the formed flame body from the chopped fiber and the overrun matrix.

    The specifications of the concentrical spraying gun for GFRC:


    Unit measure


    The gear system



    The rotation speed of the pneumatic drive


    not more than 2000

    The capability of the pneumatic drive



    The solution throughput



    The fiber productivity*


    0.3 – 0.6

    The fiber length**


    10, 15, 20, 30, 40

    The compressed air flow of the pneumatic drive


    up to 0,57

    The compressed air flow to the fiber blowing


    up to 0,35

    The compressed air flow for spattering of a cement grout


    up to 1.2

    The compressed air pressure for the pneumatic drive

    Megapascal (kg/sm2)

    0.40-0.63  (4.0-6.3)

    The compressed air pressure for the fiber blowing

    Megapascal (kg/sm2)

    0.3-0.6  (3-6)

    The compressed air pressure for spattering of a cement grout

    Megapascal (kg/sm2)

    0.2-0.3  (2-3)

    The noise level of the pneumatic drive



    Net weight







    The dimensional specifications (length-width-depth)


    410 х 203 х 390

    *the production during volume delivery from one bobbin of the fibreglass. There is possible volume delivery from two bobbins, in this case the production increases twice as much;
    **the length of the fibrous threads can be changed according to own design mission, but in the range from 10 to 40 mm;
    The concentrical gun RPN4 for GFRC with the different nozzle burners

    The spare tools and accessories kit.

    There is supplyed the spare tools and accessories kit with the gun. There are included: cutoff knives, a polyurethane cylinder (where are knives fixed), a polyurethane roller (where the threads are deliveried), a pressing target, specific keys, supply tubes for cut fibers to mixing zone, stub nozzle burners.

    Spraying gun GFRC
    The spare tools and accessories kit for GFRC' spraying gun

    The equipment STS-45 with the gerotor type pump for the glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) production

    The equipment STS-45 with the peristaltic pump for GFRC production

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