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  • Новейшая разработка для производства СФБ : мобильная станция на базе перистальтического растворонасоса.

    Удобство в работе с формами больших габаритных размеров.

  • Новинка: миксер для производства СФБ-смесей серии РМ

    Предлагаем высокоэффективный растворосмеситель с частотным регулятором


    Приглашаем пройти обучение на нашей производственной базе в г. Владимире.

    Технология, оборудование, сырье!

  • The equipment STS-45 with the peristaltic pump for GFRC production

    The equipment for GFRC with the peristaltic (flexible hose) pump, which is meant for classical GFRC' pneumatic spraying (reinforcing not more than 7%) and for the solution spray, containing fibreglass (spray premix method) as well as pouring of the ready-mix premix to moulding box, which can't be done on the screw-type pump. For customary GFRC' sputtering with reinforcing to 7% you can also use GFRC' equipment with the gerotor pump.

    The grout pump RN PSFBUM6 is a part of the production' comlpex of GFRC items, consisted of the peristaltic pump, connected with the charging hopper, which provides a cement-sand grout delivery with specified productivity to the mixing unit with the fiber and sputtering by GFRC' gun RPN4.

    equipment for GFRC with the peristaltic pump Station for GFRC with the peristaltic pump
    The equipment for GFRC with the peristaltic pump
    Mobile station GFRC
    NEW mobile station for GFRC

    The grout pump' specifications RN SFBUM6:




    The pump drive

    Electric, motor reduction unit


    The trade mark of the motor reduction unit

    Chiaravalli CH08UP80B14


    The reduction ratio of the gear case



    The electromotor

    Chiaravalli CHT80C4B14/ SNT80S4V14

    1,1 kilowatt,1400 r/min., 380 volt


    The pump



    The trade mark of the working pump tube

    Tube 25х53-1,5-1


    The pumping capacity:




    0,48 m3/hr

    0,30 m3/hr


    The pump' shifts in productivity

    Gradual by conversion transducer


    The bunker' volume loading not less, than

    75 l


    The head on the pump not more

    0,4…0,7 (4…7) megapascal (kg/cm2)


    The pumparound element is a cement-sand grout with a fluidity concerning GOST 5802-86 not less

    8 sm


    The power Volt

    380 volt


    The current frequency of the power voltage

    50 hz


    The intake power

    1,1 kVA


    The net weight

     130 kg


    The dimensional specifications (length-width-depth)

    1125х 560 х 1390 mm

    GFRC production on the complex STS-45 with the peristaltic pump

    The control panel with the conversion transducer provides a smooth control of the pump production by the help of the frequency variation of the electromotor' shaft rotation. The pneumo panel is held for an air distribution, delivered from compressor (not included to supply package) to unit consumers, which are included to GFRC complex with a possibility of the customization and the air pressure control for any customer individually.

    GFRC station

    The oil-and-moisture separator and the oil holder are the mandatory addition to GFRC' spraying gun (model RPN). These options can be excluded in case of the grout pump buying with the option PUV-3, where the oil holder and the oil-and-moisture separator are already fixed enclosed.

    The oil-and-moisture separator is needed for an air cleaning, which comes on the gear system and the well, where the threads are cut (URR). The oil holder provides oiling of RPN gear system. It means that the air from a compressor is initially separated into 2 parts: first of all to an element of opening and mixing (URS), there is no need to dewater and clean it, because there is no special requirements to an air, which mixes cutting off with the mix and then sputter this mix. Secondly: on the oil-and-moisture separator, then the air is again separated into 2 parts: the first one – on URR for the fiber pushing through URS and the second one – on the oil holder, after that on input of the pneumatic drive.

    GFRC productionGFRC production

    If there is suggested to organize a working area in moisture-laden conditions (f.ex.:cities near seas, oceans and etc.) there is needed to use the air dryers as far as the pneumatic joints lose their service resource during the obvious moisture content.

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