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  • The equipment STS-45 with the gerotor type pump for the glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) production

    The equipment for the glass-fiber reinforced concrete with the gerotor (screw) pump, issued for GFRC items production by sputtering technique in workshop conditions or protective finish on-site (reinforcing to 7%). For sputtering or pouring premix we recommend to use the equipment for GFRC with the peristaltic pump.

    The grout pump PN SFBUM4 is a part of production comlpex of GFRC items, consisted of the gerotor pump, including the charging hopper over it, which provides a cement-sand grout delivery with the specified productivity to the mixing unit with the fiber and sputtering by concrete gun (type RPN).

    GFRC equipment with gerotor pump GFRC equipment with gerorotor pump
    The gerotor grout pump RN SFBUM4 for the pneumatic spraying of GFRC

    The grout pump' specifications RN SFBUM4:




    The pump drive

    Electric, through belt transmission and gear case


    The electromotor

    AER-80-1,5 kW-1500 r/min  380 volt


    The pump unit

    Gerotor (screw pair)


    The pumping capacity




    0,24 [м3/час] / m3/hr

    0,16 [м3/час] / m3/hr


    The pump' shifts in productivity

    Gradual by conversion transducer


    The bunker' volume loading not less, than

    60 l


    The head on the pump not more

    0,4…0,7 (4…7) megapascal (kg/cm2)


    The pumparound element is a cement-sand grout with a fluidity concerning GOST 5802-86 not less

    8 sm


    The noise level on a frequency of

     63-500 hz

    1000-8000 hz


    not more than 107 dB

    not more than 88 dB


    The power Volt

    380 volt


    The current frequency of the power voltage

    50 hz


    The intake power

    1,8 kVA


    The compressed air flow not more than l/min



    The input air pressure, kg/cm2 (megapascal)

    8 - 9  (0,8 – 0,9)


    The net weight

    125 kg


    The dimensional specifications (length-width-depth)

    1300х580х 1310 mm

    GFRC production. The complex STS-45 with the gerotor pump.

    The grout pump (type SFBUM4) builds up a pressure to 2 megapascals and handles the concrete composition to GFRC spraying gun. Device consists of the following parts: a screw pump, electrical facilities, a charging hopper, a gear system, a mount. It's apt to do pumping capacity regulation (to 12 kg/min), what is the most important during GFRC items production, because it allows to dimension the flame body size directly according to the concrete form. A small form, a difficult pattern mean delivery decrease. A giant form, a smooth relief mean delivery increase.

    GFRC station equipment
    Glass-fiber reinforced concrete production equipment
    The installed equipment of TST-45 - complete outfit

    The grout pump SFBUM4 is an additionally supplied with the central control board – PUV-3. Inside the body there are erected the oil holder and the oil-and-moisture separator, also output the panel of pressure-sensitive detector and the gages. There is no need to organize an air distributing from the compressor. A machineman’ aim is only the air supply to PUV-3, which has 3 outputs. Thus, a machineman has a possibility to monitor and control the air distributing on all technological levels of GFRC' production.

    GFRC production equipment

    PUV-3 control panel of GFRC' grout pump

    GFRC station

    PUV-3 with supplied air ports to all working points

    Equipment for  GFRC
    The air extension of PUV-3. In the foreground there is a pipeline, which supply an air for sputtering on spraying gun (model RPN) and the pipeline, energizing the pneumatic vibrator PSHV-19, which is installed on the grout pump’ bunker.

    The grout pump' mandatory attribute is a jigger screen, which guarantees the quality of the mix and protects RPN spraying gun from stones and different undesirable elements.

    GFRC production station
    The jigger screen VC-19k is fixed on the grout pump' bunker. PUV-3 with supplyed air ports on all working points

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