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  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Applications

    GFRC is a high-performance concrete made from a mixture of cement, sand and evenly distributed chopped glass fiber.

    Architectural and facade decor is the main area of GFRC usage.

    Attracting prominent building components are perfect to emphasize the beauty of construction projects and redeveloped sites. Modern technologies allow to vary the texture and color of GFRC to imitate various finishing materials for the facade: granite, sandstone, shell stone, marble or brick.

    The second area of GFRC use is interior work. People like the feeling of strength and reliability of concrete structures. They order staircase and balcony balusters, bar counters, decorative curbstones, furniture items, etc. 

    GFRC Application Glass Fiber Reinforces Concrete applications
    Examples of decorating with fiberglass concrete of state institutions and transport enterprises

    GFRC Advantages:

    • Lightweight. Ultraportable products and frameworks.
    • Quick installation. Dozens of linear meters of large-size building components can be installed non-stop within 24 hours.
    • High strength. Cladding is made thin, but able to withstand heavy loads.
    • Versatility. Forms, textures and colors are virtually unlimited. GFRC will capture an audience with its sharp details in any shape.
    • Color. Three color options: pigments additives in the concrete; front surface painting; natural color of concrete components;
    • Improved performance. Water resistance and durability even in aggressive environments. Fracture toughness, impact and abrasion resistance.
    • Environmentally friendly. Safe ingredients: cement, water, sand, glass fiber.
    • Work planning. In case of design solutions agreed upon in a timely manner, the facade stucco decoration can be made in advance before walls mounting. Such approach will significantly reduce facade works and the presence of workers on the construction site.
    • Cost Effective. GFRC decor manufacturing and installation cost is lower than decor made from plaster and gypsum. Service life is 3-5 times higher than ordinary concrete.
    Где применяется стеклофибробетон Примеры изделий СФБ
    Variety of options for using glass fiber reinforced concrete. Decoration of office buildings and Holiday Houses

    GFRC product range is very diverse due to this set of features:

    • Public buildings (commercial pavilions, cafes, municipal markets, guest houses, campsites, canopies of bus stop and parking sheds);
    • Elements of residential and public buildings (three-layer wall panels, balcony rails, entrance canopies, sanitary facilities and pallets for them, shell structures, domes, folds, curvilinear rhombic elements, folded-plate constructions, roof tiles);
    • Elements of underground facilities (collars for well facing, support rings of manhole cover, buckle plates and tray bottoms, ceiling slab of heating ducts, non-pressure pipes, sump trays, shore-fixing blocks);
    • Precast elements for urban landscaping, outside ornaments and hard landscaping (plates and panels for cladding, sidewalk and road covering, curb stones, concrete forms, fences, canopies, tents, fold covering, gentle domes, flower trays, litterbins, benches, billboards, road signs, etc.).

    GFRC Featured Products:

    • Ventilation shaft, air ducts, ventilation ducts, gas ducts - replace products made of galvanized steel;
    • Lightweight partitions, wall and floor panels, suspended ceilings - replace reinforced concrete and wood;
    • Insulated and uninsulated thin-walled shells - replace reinforced concrete;
    • Construction with apartments modules for oil and gas field.
    • Window sill slabs, drain and parapet plates, various articles - an alternative to galvanized steel, reinforced concrete and wood;
    • Trays for town sewage, industrial waste and other sewage facilities - substitute for reinforced concrete.
    • GFRC insulation of water tanks, oil products, swimming pools, joint lining of irrigation canals and other water facilities;
    • Prefabricated roofs for residential and agricultural buildings; 
    • Agricultural facilities (automatic drinking bowls and feed bins for cattle, storage tanks for products and mineral fertilizers, etc.).

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