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  • Улучшенная модификация распылителя серии РПН

    Концентрический пистолет РПН-5m для пневмонабрызга СФБ.

    Подходит для всех пневмонапыляющих станций НСТ, а также импортных аналогов.


  • Mobile GFRC Equipment MK-SFB NST17

    Mobile station MK-SFB NST17  based on a peristaltic pump RNP SFBUM8-120

    Equipped with additional tilting manipulator.

    GFRC mobile station
    GFRC Spray Station MK-SFB NST17 


    • For classic GFRC production using Spaying method.
    • For GFRC production using Premix method (glass fiber content up to 1.5%).
    • For Fiberglass Gypsum production.

    Up-to-date design. Self-contained operation. Workplace mobility. Ease of working with a large number of forms.

    Operating characteristics (including performance) are identical to RNP SFBUM8-120. Structural differences:

    • Removable manipulator leg, combined with a mortar pump, with two bobbin baskets.
    • Removable manipulator boom is used to suspend a gun and hide its supply lines.
    • Additional swing support wheel frames - 2 pcs.
    • Additional fixed support wheel frames - 2 pcs.

    Due to these additional options, weight of the plant MK-SFB NST17 is 230 kg, which is 50 kg more than that of RNP SFBUM8-120.

    Manipulator characteristics:

    • Overall dimensions excluding boom extension (L+W+H) - 1770 x 1650 x 2550mm.
    • Boom reach 3500 mm.
    • Boom angle relative to the vertical rack - 270 degrees.
    • Suspended load maximum weight - 15kg.

    Maximum efficiency - 0,54 m3/hour (concrete).

    If a higher efficiency station is required, please consider Mobile Station MK-SFB NST17x3 (МК-СФБ НСТ17х3) of extra performance.

    Suffix «x3» in the model name means productivity up to 0,86 m3/hour.

    MK-SFB NST17 mobile complex based on the RNP SFBUM8-120 mortar pump with a folding manipulator

    Mobile Station MK-SFB NST17x3

    An upgraded version of Mobile Station MK-SFB NST17 with increased performance:

    • Efficiency (factory settings) - from 0.36 to 0.72 m3/hour.
    • By reprogramming the control panel, it is possible to increase the flow to 0,86 m3/hour.

    This model weight is 240 kg, which is 10 kg more than that of MK-SFB NST17 (МК-СФБ НСТ17).
    Other characteristics of MK-SFB NST17 and MK-SFB NST17x3 are identical.

    Comparison chart of pneumatic spraying stations


    Station model 

    RNP SFBUM8-120

    MK-SFB NST17

    MK-SFB NST17x3

    Pump drive

    Electrically operated

    Electric motor

    1500 RPM


    Peristaltic pump NST NP32-180 

    Pump hose parameters

    Length 0,85m. Inner diameter 32mm. Outer diameter 52mm. Pressure tolerance 1,5 MPa (15 kg/cm2). Butadiene rubber

    Pumping capacity (water*) for MK-SFB NST17 
    min/max/excess [m3/hour]

    0,22 / 0,36 / 0,54

    0,36 / 0,72 / 0,86

    Pumping capacity adjustment

    Smooth, by frequency converter

    Hopper volume, not less than [l]

    120 (corresponds to 240kg of finished solution mixture)

    Vibrating screen VC-19k120


    Pump pressure, max [MPa (kg/cm2)]

    0,4…0,7 (4…7)

    Voltage supply [V]


    Supply frequency [Hz]


    Power capacity [kW]


    Overall dimensions excluding boom extension (L+W+H)[mm]

    1770х 1650 х 1390

    1770х 1650 х 2550

    Boom reach [mm]



    Suspended load maximum weight [kg]



    Boom angle relative to the vertical rack [degrees]



    Weight (excluding hoses) [kg]




    * capacity is 15-20% less (cement-sand mixture).

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