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  • Улучшенная модификация распылителя серии РПН

    Концентрический пистолет РПН-5m для пневмонабрызга СФБ.

    Подходит для всех пневмонапыляющих станций НСТ, а также импортных аналогов.


  • Tilting Device KT NST PPO-01

    Designed for quick and easy transportation of the tank with ready-to-use solution. Designed specifically for the standard reservoir of Plaster Mixer NST SFB-UM55.

    Lifts the reservoir and unloads the mixture into the hopper of the pneumatic spraying station (RNP SFBUM8-120 or MK-SFB NST17[X3]).

    GFRC Titling device Tilting Drum Discharge  GFRC Tilting Drum Discharge

    Tilting Device KT NST PPO-01


    • Maximum weight is 150 kg.
    • The pneumatic cylinder is operated by compressed air with a flow rate of 0.3 m3/min at a pressure of 0.6 MPa (6kg/cm2).
    • Overall dimensions in fold position (LxWxH) - 1600 x 1750 x 1550 mm.
    • Tilting device weight without tank - 130 kg.

    Additional Features

    • The pneumatic cylinder lifts a loaded tank to a height of 0.5 m in 10 seconds.
    • The movement of the tilting device with the tank is performed manually. Minimal effort is required to move the tilting device even with a full-loaded tank.
    • To load the solution into the hopper, press the lever to tilt the container.

    Diagram displays Tilting device design and operating principle.

    Scheme of Titling Device

    1 – Pneumatic cylinder; 2 – Movement handle; 3 – Upper lever;

    4 – Lower lever; 5 – Castor; 6 – Sliding cradle;

    7 – Rotor lock; 8 – Rotor handle; 9 – Fixed wheel;

    10 – Tank holder; 11 – Manual pneumatic valve; 12 – Rack


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