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  • Улучшенная модификация распылителя серии РПН

    Концентрический пистолет РПН-5m для пневмонабрызга СФБ.

    Подходит для всех пневмонапыляющих станций НСТ, а также импортных аналогов.


  • GFRC Technology

    To obtain GFRC with the specified properties it is necessary to:

    1. Chop the fiber to the desired length (calculated depending on the product type and operation loads).
    2. Fluff chopped fiber (divide into monofilaments).
    3. Mix the correct amount of cement, sand and water.
    4. Mix fiber with the slurry.
    5. Distribute mixture over the molding form.
    6. Stage 4 is particularly difficult since it is necessary to dispense glass fiber into the slurry evenly.

    Production Techniques:

    1. Spaying (Hand Spray and Auto Spray). Any surfaces. Ideal for flat products and folding molds. Pneumatic spray technology allows to create geometrically complex surfaces and imitate wood and stone.
    2. Premixing. Simple and flat products of small size.
    GFRC Technology

    GFRC Production Technique #1.1. Spraying method.

    The mortar pump with a manipulator moves along a row of forms.

    1. Compressor 2. Raw material warehouse (cement, sand, fiberglass bobbins)

    3. Mortar mixer 4. Tilter 5. Mobile GFRC station

    6. Mold warehouse 7. Finished product warehouse

    Technology of gfrc production

    GFRC Production Technique #1.2. Spraying method.

    The mortar pump and manipulator are stationary. The molds are placed within the reach of the manipulator boom.

    1. Raw materials warehouse (cement, sand, fiberglass bobbins) 2. Compressor

    3. Mortar mixer 4. Tilter 5. Stationary GFRC equipment

    6. Forms located within the radius of the manipulator boom 7. Finished product warehouse

    GFRC premixing technology
    GFRC Production Technique #2. Premixing  

    Pneumatic Spray Equipment:

    1. Mixer. Allows to make a mixture of excellent quality.
    2. Tilter. Delivers mixture tank and loads it into the pumping station.
    3. Mortar pump. Continuously feeds the gun with the specified capacity.
    4. Gun. Consists of a chopper and a spray head. Gun forms a stream of compressed air-sprayed solution mixed with fiberglass.
    5. Front Layer Unit. It applies first fibre-free layer to the mould. If unit is not provided, the same gun and mortar pump are used. Using Front Layer Unit, you can mix a solution of a different color. Readjustment of a pumping station is not required. Cost effectiveness.
    6. Spraying method requires layer-by-layer application. 2-3 layers in average. Each layer is compacted with rollers (roller pressing). A second layer is then sprayed.

    The same equipment but different working procedure is used for Premixing:

    1. Gun. The same as for Spraying method. Only the chopper is used. Fiber is chopped to a bag.
    2. Mixer. The same as for Spraying method. Chopped fiber is loaded to the mixer.
    3. Tilter. Delivers and loads mixture tank into the pumping station.
    4. Mortar pump. The same as for Spraying method. Fiber-reinforced solution runs through a pipeline to the mould. This is possible if the station equipped with a peristaltic pump. It maintains fiber integrity. The solution is placed on the mould. Hand laying is allowed for small products and low volume. In this case, pumping station is not required.

    The mixture in the moulds is compacted on a shake table. Sometimes additional roller pressing or pressing by another method is needed.

    The combination method of Sprayed Premix is also used where the premixed material is sprayed onto the mould using a gun.

    NST - Novye Stroitelnye Tehnologii (New Building Technologies) offers equipment for Spray and Premix methods. Ready-to-use set or individual components are available for purchasing. Individual components and ready-to-use sets can be purchased at similar prices.

    Premixing is the method of choice of spraying technology. Therefore, a complete set of equipment for Spray method allows to use Premix technology.

    NST has been designing and manufacturing GFRC equipment since 1994. NST offers easy handling of modern equipment for professional use.


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