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  • Улучшенная модификация распылителя серии РПН

    Концентрический пистолет РПН-6 для пневмонабрызга  СФБ с новыми наружными соплами.

    Моментальное изменение ширины факела для удобства работы с различными по габаритам и рельефу изделиями!


  • GFRC Spray Guns

    Sprayer RPN forms a flow of cement, sand and fiber, which is sprayed using compressed air. Fiber is distributed evenly in the solution.

    The gun consists of two parts: Chopper and Mixer.

    • Chopper cuts and feeds fiber.
    • Mixer is a spray head. Mixer sprays the solution and mixes it with the fiber.

    Chopper and mixer can be used separately. Chopper separately cuts the fiber for the premix. Mixer is used separately only when applying front layer onto a mould.

    Sprayer RPN-6

    NEW 2020: innovated model of GFRC chopper gun.

    There are a number of upgrades that make this gun more comfortable and attractive for those professionals, who use the spray method much and often on the products of different scale and surface relief.

    Sprayer RPN6 RPN6
    RPN-6 with a set of spare parts

    Advantages of RPN-6 over RPN-5:

    1. New sealing of D-shaped section of the chopper cover.

    It has a higher tearing strength ensured by 3 contact points when glued to the cover body frame. 

    Enhanced sealing of the inner cavity.

    A body frame of the chopper and its cover has an interlock connection, sealed with a D-shaped section (the middle part of the cover penetrates the inner cavity of the body frame).

    Sprayer RPN-6
    New sealing of D-shaped section of RPN-6 GFRC Spray Gun

    2. Changing the pattern width of the sprayed slurry is carried out by replacing the external nozzle, the end of the PNS 04-02.00.07 tube has a groove-free smooth cone surface.

    It is worth reminding that 3 options of tube are available for RPN-5: straight, skewed and semi-skewed.
    3 types of external nozzles are available for RPN-6 model:

    • 0° groove angle - to form a narrow focused spraying pattern (supplied on request);
    • 8° groove angle - to form a medium wide spraying pattern;
    • 16° groove angle - to form a large width spraying pattern.

    Spray angle options
    Spray angle options

    It is now possible to change the width of the spraying pattern very quickly by replacing only the external nozzle without mixer rinsing, i.e. during operation.

    Increased sustainability of external nozzle slots, as they are made of wear-resistant polyurethane elastomers.

    3. The end part of the mixer internal nozzle is rubberized with polyurethane elastomers. These are 2 nozzle options: with or without a knob. The end parts of these nozzles are always subject to wear as they are in continuous contact with shotcrete.

    Now these nozzles will have to be changed less frequently, as polyurethane will wear out less and longer from the contact with cement and sand solution.

    4. Center bore of the fixing cover (cover PNS.04-02.00.05) of mixer has a diameter of 38 mm due to the increased diameter of the external nozzle. The diameter for RPN-5 model is 34.5 mm. Yes, the difference is only 3.5 mm, but clogging now is less like happening.

    RPN-6 Specifications

    Dimensions (L+W+H) - 410 х 203 х 390 mm.
    Lightweight 3,9 kg, easy to use.
    Pneumatic motor - 500 W, up to 2000 RPM.
    Fiber glass output - from 0.3 to 1.3 kg/min
    Mixing output - up to 0.84 m3/hour.
    Adjustable fiber length - 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 mm.

    Sprayer RPN-5

    The main specifications of RPN-5 range are identical to those of RPN-6.

    GFRC Sprayer RPN5 GFRC spraying gun
    GFRC spraying gun RPN-5

    Three working points require compressed air for operation:

    • Air-powered drive - up to 0,57 m3/hour at a pressure of 0.40-0.63 MPa (4.0-6.3 kg/cm2).
    • Fiber blowing - up to 0,35 m3/hour at a pressure of 0.3-0.6 MPa (3-6 kg/cm2).
    • Spraying and fiber mixing - up to 1,0 m3/hour at a pressure of 0.2-0.3 MPa (2-3kg/cm2).
    Scheme of GFRC gun RPN5
    1 – chopper; 2 – mixer;
    3 – air inlet connector (to air-powered drive);
    5 – air inlet connector (to chopper); 7 – mixer lock nut;
    8 – flush fitting; 9 – connector with cap nut;
    10 – throttle lever

    Gun is supplied with SPTA:

    • 1 pc. Safety thumb PNS-01.02.00. Service life - 1500 kg of fibre.
    • 1 pc. External nozzle PNS 04-02.00.04. Made of high-strength and wear-resistant polyure-thane. Service life is 10 times longer than steel.
    • 10 pcs. Cutter PNS-01.01.04 (ПНС-01.01.04). Service life - 250 kg of fibre.
    • 1 pc. Magazine PNS-01.00.16 (ПНС-01.00.16). Service life - 300 kg of fibre.
    • 8-slot cutter drum assembly - 1 pc.
    • 1 pc. Tube PNS 04.-02.00.07-V (with semi-skewed slots). Service life - 250 m3 of cement.
    • 1 pc. Internal nozzle PNS.04-02.00.03-01 (ПНС.04-02.00.03-01), smooth. Service life - 250 m3 of cement.
    • 1 pc. Internal nozzle PNS.04-02.00.03 (ПНС.04-02.00.03), with knob. Service life - 250 m3 of cement. 
    • 1 pc. Repair kit for PNS-04 (ПНС-04), only rubber rings.
    • 1 pc. Spring roller (140 mm wide) VU-00.00 (ВУ-00.00)
    • 1 pc. Spring roller (100 mm wide) VU-00.00-A (ВУ-00.00-А)

    Upon request, we will send a link to the scheme of the gun and all parts of which it consists. Use the same link for pricing and spare parts order.

    Please consider tube option PNS 04-02.00.07 (ПНС 04-02.00.07) installed inside the mixer. It forms the surface of the outer circumference of the annular gap, through which the cementitious slurry follows.

    Three options:

    • Tube with straight slots. Sharp outline spot. Application to small moulds of complex geometry and with the pump of low-capacity.
    • Tube with skewed slots. Blured (soft) spot without sharp contour along the perimeter. Application to big moulds and with the pump of high-capacity.
    • Tube with semi-skewed slots. Smoothed spot with smooth and various contour along the perimeter. Universal. Used in a wide range of pump capacity.

    As of September 01, 2019, all RPN-5 guns are equipped only with a tube with semi-skewed slots. Tubes with straight and skewed slots are available on request.

    Air-powered drive is lubricated automatically when using RPN-5 Gun with NST pumping station.

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