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  • Улучшенная модификация распылителя серии РПН

    Концентрический пистолет РПН-6 для пневмонабрызга  СФБ с новыми наружными соплами.

    Моментальное изменение ширины факела для удобства работы с различными по габаритам и рельефу изделиями!


  • GFRC Mortar Pump RNP SFBUM8-120

    Applications of pneumatic spraying station with peristaltic pump RNP SFBUM8-120:

    • Pressure feeding of cement-sand mixtures;
    • Spraying;
    • Premix;
    • Sprayed Premix;
    • Fiberglass gypsum spraying (for internal decoration).
    GFRC Mortar Pump
    GFRC Pneumatic Spraying Station PNP SFBUM8-120 

    Modern machinery redesigned in 2020 according to TU 28.13.11–001–81567556–2020. Declaration of conformity of the EEU: Д-RU.HA66.B.08562/20.

    Smooth pulsation-free feed.

    Hopper volume - 120 l.

    NST Air Vibrator VS-25 is installed in the bottom part of the hopper. To enable air vibrator press and hold the button on the control panel. The operator turns on the vibrator to «shake» the remains of the mixture to the hopper sleeve.

    VS-25 Air Vibrator requires compressed air. Flow rate 500 ... 600 l/min at a pressure of 0.2-0.3 MPa (2-3kg/cm2). Working for 15-20 seconds for 10-15 minutes, this option does not affect the operation of the RPN-5 Gun.

    Vibrating Screen VC-19k120 is installed on top of the hopper. Vibrating Screen is used with NST Air Vibrator VS-19. The vibrating screen is used for separating large particles in the slurry. Control panel is used for operation.

    Air Vibrator VS-19 requires compressed air. Flow rate 220-250 l/min at a pressure of 0.2-0.4 MPa (2-4kg/cm2). Considering that vibrator is working for 45-60 seconds only when loading the solution, this option does not affect the operation of RPN-5 Gun.

    The internal diameter of passageways and pipelines is 32 mm.

    NST NP32-180:

    • Non-mechanical seals.
    • Plug and Play method.
    • Corrosion and abrasive proof. Any additives.
    • The working body is a butadiene rubber sleeve with a wall thickness of 10 mm and a length of 0.85 m. In-creased wear resistance. Service life - 200-225 m3 of cement.
    • Easy rinsing and cleaning.
    • Short-term maintenance.
    • In 90% of cases, pump repair is a replacement of the working body. Service standard 15 minutes. This is prompting operation.
    • Longtime dry running is allowed.
    • Maintains fiber integrity.
    • Reverse mode.
    • Guarded drive.
    • Quite operation. Noise level is not more than 30 Db.

    Pneumatic spraying station PNP SFBUM8-120 is equipped with a frequency converter for engine control. This option allows to adjust the flow smoothly.

    Capacity (factory settings) - from 0.22 to 0.36 m3/hour.
    By reprogramming the control panel it is possible to increase the flow to 0.54 m3/hour.
    Voltage supply - 220V. Power capacity - 1.1 kW.
    Dimensions (L+W+H) - 1335 x 800 x 1350mm.
    Weight - 180kg.

    Pneumatic spraying station PNP SFBUM8-120 can be upgraded to Mobile Station MK-SFB HST17.

    The station is controlled by an electropneumatic control panel. Control panel also operates:

    • air cleaning and dehumidification;
    • gun air turbine lubrication;
    • lubrication of the pump's working body.

    Control panel is supplied with compressed air from the compressor. Air is distributed by control elements to:

    • Gun RPN-5 (three points).
    • Vibrating screen.
    • Vibrator VS-25 on the hopper.

    Work performance of the station and the gun can be monitored by the sensors on the control panel. Control panel connection diagram is shown in Fig.:

    GFRC Mortar Pump
    1. Pump; 2. Control panel; 3. Hose Dy-9;
    4 Hose Dy-9 5 Hose Dy-12 6 Hose Dy-25
    7 Turn buckle D-8…15 (¾’) 8 Turn buckle D-12…28 (1’)
    9 Turn buckle D-20…35 (1 ½’)
    10 Socket 11 Vibrating screen 12 Gun
    13 Compressor (not included)
    14 Hose Dy-16 (not included)

    RNP SFBUM8-120 comes fitted with:

    • 10m air supply hoses for the chopper and gun mixer.
    • 2m air supply hose for the vibrating screen.
    • 12m mix supply hose for the gun mixer
    • 1l of silicone lubricant for the working body of the peristaltic pump. Camozzi lubricator installed in the control panel is to be used with the lubricant. The lubricant is fed to the pump by pressing a button on the control panel.
    • Oil (0,25 l) for a pneumatic turbine of the gun. Camozzi lubricator installed in the control panel is to be used with the oil. The lubricant is fed automatically when the gun is running.
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